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I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand

My work:
 Cisco Router Security Template
 Saga about PRIV command in Cisco ROMMON
 IOS Security Features: Lock&Key Auth Proxy IDS CBAC Reflect ACL CodeRed PPTP PPPOE
 Setting IPSEC on Cisco router: Real traffic Tunnel DSS Key exchange and W2k with cert PGP on W98
 Device managment with CiscoWorks2000 and Cisco Security Policy Manager
 Building tunnels on cisco linux freebsd poptop racoon
 Gated configuration files: RIP OSPF BGP BGP+OSPF
 Intresting actions with Cisco router via SNMP UCD-snmp utility need
 Configure CheckPoint Firewall-1 4.2 SP3 and ISS RealSecure 5.0 on one host W2k
 Provider-1 + CheckPoint Firewall-1 5.0
 ISS RealSecure 6.5 maintenance experience
 Organization question: person inetnum revers zone mentor
 Two providers: Policy BGP
 High availability: VRRP HSRP
 Test SPAN port on Catalyst 3524 XL
 Prefix/Mask/Inverse/Hosts table
 Bypass URL filtering
 Deploy Entrust PKI
 My Keys

My exploit collection
My service
My algo: fibbonachi factorial sort sequences transparents hanoy queen horse

My soft:
 Webpasswd for FreeBSD 4.x source (6543 byte)
 NetFlow V5 collector for PostgreSQL source (5149 byte)
 Template application MySQL+Apache+DBI_PERL source (7447 byte)
 Tiny Accounting System for FreeBSD+ipfw+apache+dbm source (11051 byte)
 Portable ping, rip and igrp query for Windows, linux and solaris source (7386 byte)
 Portable client-server tcp/udp application template for Win32/*nix source (111589 byte)
 Patch for openssh-3.5p1, ssh&scp get password from command line source (1091 byte)
 WEBFW - manage ipfw or ipchains via apache+ssl+basic_auth, users may control self-state source (5745 byte)
 Certificate password recovery tool source (2502 byte)
 Silent root storage installer source (3415 byte)

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